Corporate Governance

About Us

Our Directors recognise the importance of corporate governance and the offering of high standards of accountability to our Shareholders.

Our Board has formed three (3) committees: (i) the Nominating Committee; (ii) the Remuneration Committee; and (iii) the Audit Committee. In addition, we have appointed Mr Gouw Eng Seng as our Independent Chairman.

Our Board comprises five (5) Directors, of which three (3) are Independent Directors. Our Independent Directors do not have any past or existing business or professional relationship of a material nature with our Group, our other Directors and/or Substantial Shareholders. Our Independent Directors are also not related to our other Directors and/or Substantial Shareholders.

Our Board will hold at least two (2) meetings every year, with additional meetings for particular matters convened when necessary. Our Board will, at least annually, review the adequacy and effectiveness of our Group’s risk management and internal control systems.