Nominating Committee

Corporate Governance

Our Nominating Committee comprises Ms Alice Yan, Mr Hew Koon Chan and Mr Cheong Hock Wee. The Chairman of our Nominating Committee is Ms Alice Yan.

Our Nominating Committee is responsible for, amongst others, reviewing and recommending board appointments (including the appointment and termination of the members of the board of directors and board of commissioners of PT DPAL), determining the independence of a Director, as well as whether each Director is able to and has been adequately carrying out his duties as a Director, and reviewing potential conflicts of interests in respect of each member of the Board.

In addition, our Board will also implement a process to be carried out by our Nominating Committee for assessing the effectiveness of our Board as a whole and for assessing the contribution of each individual Director to the effectiveness of our Board. Each member of our Nominating Committee shall abstain from voting on any resolutions in respect of the assessment of his performance or re-nomination as Director. In the event that any member of our Nominating Committee has an interest in a matter being deliberated upon by our Nominating Committee, he will abstain from participating in the review and approval process relating to that matter.