Our expanded capacity has allowed us to tap the favourable dynamics in Indonesia, where the demand for chartering and transshipment services outstrips supply.

We operate our Shipping Services through our subsidiary, PT Deli Pratama Angkutan Laut (“PT DPAL”), which covers mainly domestic shipping routes from South Kalimantan, to various regions within Indonesia. Our Shipping Services comprise (i) chartering services; and (ii) transshipment services. Currently, customers for our Shipping Services are mainly coal traders.

As at 30 June 2023, PT DPAL owns a fleet of seventeen (17) Indonesian-flagged vessels, comprising sixteen (16) tugboats (and including sixteen (16) accompanying barges) as well as one (1) bulk carrier, with an aggregate estimated carrying capacity of 180,000 deadweight tonnage (“dwt”). We aim to continue to expand our shipping routes to cover the region.